May Days

As you all may already know it is know May and I think we know there are some pretty big changes going on in this month. First of all on this website, there is going to be a new archive. Whenever it is a new, month I will try to post what new stuff will be coming up on this blog. Second, this is the month for Graduations!! In the next post I will put up some links that will be great for organizing, getting what you need at a good price, renting party places, rentables, and FOOD!!! Third, this is also the month were students will start to leave for summer vaca!! I have three months off, you? Anyways, this summer will be awesome and not because we have already lived through 2012. This is the time for beaches, hangouts, and much more so have fun! I will also put up links for fun places this summer so you can make the most of it! Have fun on these May Days!!


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