Rip off Places

Have you ever gone somewhere and then got ripped off? It has always happened to someone. The other day I went to cold stone and I ordered a love it banana caramel crunch, and instead I got a like it banana caramel crunch. I ordered a bigger sizable because that is the size I wanted. I also had to pay more money for a smaller portion. It’s like going to a restaurant with meals that should be normal size and then having them be pint size! The other day I was in New York with my brother and we went to a shop that sells apple products and he bought an apple connector from an iPod 4 generation to a 5 generation. He was supposed to pay $20 and he paid $22 and it didn’t even work! Some stores simply love to take advantage that people have money to give them and rip them off. Before you buy something try and see if you can try the product or if its food like cold stone ask for bigger serving or demand a refund. See you soon! Blogger Out!


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