Best Scenes Instagram

As you may know there is a popular Instagram called Best Scenes. You may also know that the owner of this account is @rachelissofine. There is one flaw that somewhat bothers me. She opens and closes new accounts. One of her newest accounts is @bestlyrics. I think she may be to addicted to Instagram. She also names all of her accounts “best”. I do not find this to be true for her @bestinventionss account. Some of them seemed nice, while others seemed insulting to not only me but some of her “loyal” followers. When I first see some pictures I think, “Wow, this invention seems cool!” but then after reading some comments I then change my mind because I think about the comments and never would have thought about the invention that way. I then unlike the picture and then write a comment agreeing with the other people. I decided that since I didn’t like most of the inventions, I unfollowed. She also had a @bestillusions account. After seeing that account, I did not find myself amused with that account either, I even tagged a better illusion account to one of her pics. Those “illusions” were not great. She has also opened a “best pets” account too, i didn’t even follow that account. One of her newest accounts is @bestlyrics. They might just be HER favorite lyrics. She may just do these for herself. Another account is @zbestmemez. They are terrible. If you are looking for a good laugh, you have gone to the wrong account. I suggest you look for a better account cause you will find one. I have found funner ones but often give to many shout outs so i gave the a warning and then unfollowed because I do not want a bunch of shout outs cluttering my feed. Anyways, this person will open an account, close it, open a new one, and then start all over again! She will always post the names of her other accounts in her pictures and count them. On her recent account @zbestmemez she posted a picture saying “Oh I’m sorry, keep telling me how to run my account and i’ll take notes” and then i said “Ok, I can keep going” because they were TERRIBLE!! i looked through all her pictures and not once did I laugh, and easily laugh at any funny picture!! There is also a pattern going on, the first word of all her accounts except one start with the word “best”. Think about it, some of them may be true in the case of her @bestscenes account but for the others it may not even be true. They may only be “the best” to her and maybe not for the people. Have you ever had an idea that you think is AWESOME but other people don’t think that? That is something happening here. She also may think that she is popular but the only popular account she has is @bestscenes. She is popular on her other accounts because she tells people to follow the and if they like her account, they will hit the follow button and then regret it; I am one of those victims, don’t be one. So before you click the “follow” button on her accounts, take a look at them first, then think back to this, and see if that is something you really want to do.


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